Fabulous Night at Octopus Garden

We are having hot summer day in Vancouver.
I was invited to a fabulous course dinner at the Octopus Garden in Kitsilano last night.

Starting with some bubbles

The night at the Octopus Garden has to start with a uni shooter!
Uni shooter is a shooter made with sea urchin with slimy grated mountain yam, dashi, real wasabi, nori seaweed and quail egg.  You can chug it, or like I do, indulge the explosion of best taste ocean can bring in your mouth!

Salad with scallops. Sada-san, the owner chef of the Octopus Garden did not tell me the ingredients but I LOVEded this dressing♡

We were there for the special evening.  My friend brought in Junmai Daiginjyo, Jirouemon from Kikumasamune.  It was made from 100% yamadanishiki harvested in Hyogo area.

Japanese sake is one of my passion.  With that sake with those assortment of Sashimi were heavenly tasty.

We sat at the counter table right in front of Sushi kitchen.  Right in front of my eyes one of their chef was preparing this colorful roll shushi.  It's made from lobster and fruits! I wonder how it taste like.  Hmmm...  Food for thought.

Grilled crab leg on the bamboo leaf was excellent.

Deep fried halibut cheek

Slightly seared shrimp nigiri sushi with real wasabi

This is a seafood ramen with deep fried panko oyster.

Ramen is getting more popular and popular in Vancouver and many of my even non asian friend can tell me the difference and preference of ramen noodle.  As some of you may know, most of ramen is animal soup stock base.  The most popular soup base is maybe chicken and pork.  This ramen was made from seafood soup stock with soy milk and miso.  With a chunk of fried oyster made this dish in a satisfactory level!  It was delicious.

After all, I am a person with sweet tooth, Green tea tiramisu, macaroon, sesame icecream, red bean paste, I thought I was full but I enjoy every single bite of them.

Octopus garden had been around for over 20 years and Sada-san always provided high quality Japanese cuisine in traditional and non-traditional way but always very authentic.

The last night was also very special evening with very special friends.  It also brought me a new friend as well.

If I can make a little note to remind myself,

Life is short.
Let me be true to myself.
Let me focus and work hard for the next 5 years.

Octopus Garden 

Address: 1995 Cornwall Ave. Vancouver, BC Canada V6J 1C9
Phone: 604.734.8971
Web: www.octopusgardensada.com