Hamaguri Nyumen

One of my foodie friend went to Kyoto and got this as a souvenir. It says "Clam noodle" but what a fancy package.  I saw it very very special and I was not ready to cook it.   It is something that you need to have stroooong will to treat special food like this.

I checked the best before date and it still had quite a bit time, so I put it in to a fridge.

Today was the perfect day.   I had strong will and determination to have something good, so I opened my fridge and had it out.

I carefully checked the instruction...


I flipped .

As you maybe be able to understand from this simple instruction, it says empty all contents except soup stock and special seven spiced chilli pepper into the bowl, ass 400cc hot water, put a lid, wait for 3 minutes, add soup stock, mix, than put some chilli pepper on top!


It even has real clams.
Can you see them?

I had no idea how it works but the special instruction says make sure to hit clams with scorching hot hot water when you are pouring it.  So, I did and pop! it opened! Then I put a lid on and waited 3 minutes....

While I was waiting for 3 minutes, I found out that this fabulous instant noodle was produced by a famous ryotei, a type of luxurious traditional Japanese restaurant call Kikunoi.

Traditionally they only accept new customers by referral and feature entertainment by geisha, but in modern times this is not always the case. Ryōtei are typically a place where high-level business or political meetings can take place discreetly.

I found interesting article of ryotei on the New York Times, written by Elizabeth Andoh.  If you are itnerested in click HERE for her article!

Oh! Anyway my 3 minutes is up!


Can you believe this is an instant noodle?  I couldn't.  And the taste is more unbelievable! it is outrageously good!!

Because I was soooo impressed, my rating for the Hamarguri Nyumen from Kikunoi is
♥♥♥♥♥ love,love,love!