I got some nice daikon (big white winter radish, click HERE to see Wiki) so made Japanese winter tradition Oden!  Oden is consisting of several ingredients such as boiled eggs, daikon, konyaku, and processed fishcakes stewed in a light, soy-flavoured dashi broth.   

A big round shape object in the center of the dish is a piece of daikon.  A ball shape one and a fat pipe shape one on top of daikon are fishcakes and brown triangle shape one is deep fried tofu and ones look like bundle of threads and darker gray object are konnyaku, they are sort of rubbery food.  It does not sound well but it is one of my favorite.

I was dreaming of eating oden with Japanese hot mustard but unfortunately I did not have any, I substitute it with some yuzu kosho, which was very tasty too.

I enjoyed them with  Fuji-Takasago, Yamahai Junmai Ginjyo made from Yamada-Nishiki.

I first had this sake at the sake tasting event I went to in October... It was very goooood and I felt in love with it. It was still very good but I felt it was little too sweet for oden.

Hmmm what food may compliments this sake??   I really enjoy when I thinking and cooking a food to pair some sake.

Oh, my doog need to go for walk...

bye for now.

A little kitty at the Prickly Pear Garden Centre

It was absolutely beautiful spring day. I saw a little kitty enjoying the sunshine right by the miniature roses at the Prickly Pear Garden Centre♬ The balcony of my castle do not get much sunshine but I started to think about a little balcony gardening. I like early spring!

Lunch at the Flying Beaver

Enjoying a relaxing day off.

Lunch at the Flying Beaver, shopping at Prickly Pear Garden Centre and nice afternoon walk at the waterfront of Steaveston..

This is my hamburger❤️ at the Flying Beaver.

I ate very single bits of them♬ I didn't even leave a piece mushroom nor a little bread crumbs
It was quite ridiculous I thought but I was feeling super happy! LOL

Flying Beaver
Address: 4760 Inglis Dr, Richmond, BC V7B 1W4
Phone: 604-273-0278

Pasta dinner

Pasta night!

I work super early morning shift today from 5:00AM and tomorrow I am not working till 1:00PM, so Mr.S invite me over for the pasta dinner!

It started with squid appetizer. Mr.S does not drink white but I felt like to have some white wine, so I got some NZ white wine that he use for cooking.
Riverlore, Sauvignon Blanc,  Marlborough 2014

It had aromas of ripe pear, gooseberry and fresh cut grass with notes of tropical fruit and lime; dry, medium bodied,  with balanced fresh acidity,  flavours of gooseberry, ripe apple, fresh herb and tropical fruit, with notes of passion fruit and asparagus.

And of course I could not figure it out by myself but this is what I found from the Internet♬ 

This pasta had tons of roughly chopped up cold cuts and anchovies.  If my memories are correct, I believe he put a little suger too! with basil and Italian parsley with parmigiano and spaguettini done in al dente, it was very tasty!

We had our recent favorite Chateau le Puy with this pasta.

It was very relaxing evening.
Thank you Chef S for your creation!


I don't know what they are but look very Springy♬

They look very pretty with blue blue sky.


Nu Chinese Bistro

I needed to have some greasy food therapy... I had a little too much wine last night. ha ha Mr. S took me to a cute Chinese Bistro called Nu Chinese Bistro. It is Shanghaiese style Chinese restaurant. (FYI: we are soooo fortunate to have many different variety of Chinese restaurant in Vancouver!)

I don't know is it because from the Chinese New Year residue or real interior design of the restaurant, I really liked red chair cover!

  I was really really craving for spicy deep fried squid.  They were super hot and heavenly good.

Mr. S ordered some Xiao Long Bao, too.
They are also my favorite. They are very tasty but have super hot steamy soup inside and it always have some danger of burning inside of your mouth or lips!

While I was searching for the spelling of this little pork soup dumpling I came across with this video, so if you are interested in trying those one day, it maybe a good reference for you!


We also enjoyed this spicy noodle..

And this sticky rice dumpling.
I was soooo full!

Maybe it is not like ladylike but I think it is okay.
After all I did not mention about it earlier but our tea had real rosebuds in it and made me feel like a lady. ha ha AND both my tummy and soul were so satisfied.

Thank you Mr.S for wonderful lunch!

Address: 2170-, 8788 McKim Way, Richmond, BC V6X 4E2
Phone:  778-297-9998