Pasta dinner

Pasta night!

I work super early morning shift today from 5:00AM and tomorrow I am not working till 1:00PM, so Mr.S invite me over for the pasta dinner!

It started with squid appetizer. Mr.S does not drink white but I felt like to have some white wine, so I got some NZ white wine that he use for cooking.
Riverlore, Sauvignon Blanc,  Marlborough 2014

It had aromas of ripe pear, gooseberry and fresh cut grass with notes of tropical fruit and lime; dry, medium bodied,  with balanced fresh acidity,  flavours of gooseberry, ripe apple, fresh herb and tropical fruit, with notes of passion fruit and asparagus.

And of course I could not figure it out by myself but this is what I found from the Internet♬ 

This pasta had tons of roughly chopped up cold cuts and anchovies.  If my memories are correct, I believe he put a little suger too! with basil and Italian parsley with parmigiano and spaguettini done in al dente, it was very tasty!

We had our recent favorite Chateau le Puy with this pasta.

It was very relaxing evening.
Thank you Chef S for your creation!